Care and maintenance

Contrastone quartz surfaces are designed to offer high performance
with low maintenance and being non-porous it will never need
sealing or waxing. Only a little common-sense is needed to care
for your Contrastone surface.

Limited Warranty

Contrastone offers a 15-year Limited Warranty that can be completed online at
www.contrastone.co.uk  Please fill out your Warranty within 28 days of your installation, which will
guarantee you the highest level of support should an issue arise.

You have chosen a Contrastone surface that offers superior durability and practicality, because our
surfaces are manufactured from natural materials, each slab is unique and will contain variations in
shading, reflectivity and the distribution and appearance of quartz. These variations are naturally
occurring characteristics of the material. The appearance of each slab will also vary depending on
lighting conditions, placement and viewing angle.

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